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bloodshot-games present the... NG QUIZ

2008-03-08 10:47:32 by bloodshot-games

Hello readers test your knoledge in this mini quiz leave your awnser by leaving a comment and i will pm you if you have won but only the first person to get 5/5 will win so be fast and dont cheat.

Q1:what level is tom fulp a:10 b:12 c:23

Q2:which one of these is a real vesion of flash A:flash dmx B:flash vista C:flash mx

Q3:what is the name of the impsossible quiz cat A:chris B:archy B:tom

Q4: who created the plumber A:bloodshot-games B:Haroshi C:splapp-me-do

Q5: what is the actual name of a faumous newgrounds A:Angry face B:angry fais C:angry boy


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2008-03-08 10:57:40

Q1: 10
Q2: A
Q3: B
Q4: A
Q5: B


(Updated ) bloodshot-games responds: